We are weavers, basket makers, spinners, knitters, quilters, paper makers, surface designers and more! While we have varying interests and levels of expertise, we all enthusiastically share the goal of promoting opportunities for all fiber artists wherever they may live and increasing the public awareness of fiber art.


Liz Halsted–Kansas City, MO
Brigit Ciskowski–St. Louis, MO
Judith Olson–Chesterfield MO
Mary Beth Gray–St. Louis MO
Jac Perry–Scott AFB, IL

Kelsey Cogorno–Springfield, MO


Barbara Overby

Where do you live and where did you grow up?
I reside in Columbia, MO

Please describe your artwork. Why is this your chosen medium? How long have you been creating?
My favorite thing to do is to weave. I have spent many many hours at my looms through the years. I once even took my loom on a vacation by strapping it to the top of our car!

How long have you been a member of MoFA? What benefits have you gotten or do you expect, to get from being involved?
I have been a member of MoFA for 40 years. I am one of the founding group of ladies who started Missouri Fiber Artists in 1978.

Personal information that you would like to share or any other details you feel are important (family, other hobbies, and interests). It has been my privilege to know and make art with so many wonderful people through the years. Those friendships are truly woven into the fiber of my life.

Recent exhibitions, current projects and where can we see your work?


Don’t miss a chance to showcase your fiber art! Check out MoFA’s event calendar, before it’s too late.

Speaking of Fibers 2019! is a Missouri Fiber Artists (MoFA) members’ biennial; juried exhibit, exploring fiber forms and materials. Our 2019 exhibit theme is “Stories of Importance ”. More info

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