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We are makers, creators and artists whose work primarily features natural or synthetic fibers, including textiles, fabrics, paper, reed, yarn, thread, and more. Through Missouri Fiber Artists, we unite as a community that shares a love of fiber. Our work often is intended to evoke meaning that goes beyond the materials.

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MoFA membership is open to all who are interested in promoting fiber arts in Missouri and surrounding states,  increasing the public awareness of fiber art worldwide and creating a community of support for fiber artists and the fiber arts.

Upcoming Events

"Coalescence" An exhibit

December 11, 2016




Kacey Cowdery, Joanne Kluba and Carl Valle have a show at Union Avenue Church.

Enter parking lot off Enright, accessible entry and gallery.

The show runs from December 11 – January 22.

Reception: December 11, 11:45 – 2:00

Gallery hours 9 - 3, Monday-Friday, Sunday 9:30 – 12:30.


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