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We are weavers, basket makers, spinners, knitters, quilters, paper makers, surface designers and more! While we have varying interests and levels of expertise, we all enthusiastically share the goal of promoting opportunities for all fiber artists wherever they may live and increasing the public awareness of fiber art.


Liz Halsted–Kansas City, MO
Brigit Ciskowski–St. Louis, MO
Judith Olson–Chesterfield MO
Mary Beth Gray–St. Louis MO
Jac Perry–Scott AFB, IL

Kelsey Cogorno–Springfield, MO


Kacey Cowdery

Fiber Art is natural to me. As a child, my family taught me to stitch by hand and machine, embroider and knit. They also imparted appreciation and knowledge of textiles. Art school included several mediums while earning a BFA. Commercial Interior Design and a 20-year career in Natural Stone Sales occupied my time.
However, textiles always called, evolving from sewing garments to fiber art. Often with handwork, my fiber art is art quilts and “drawing with thread”. I also make dolls and 3D multimedia works.
I was offered a MoFA position in 2011, Co-Chair of Exhibitions. I jumped at the chance to learn something new. I still hold that position today.


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Speaking of Fibers 2019! is a Missouri Fiber Artists (MoFA) members’ biennial; juried exhibit, exploring fiber forms and materials. Our 2019 exhibit theme is “Stories of Importance ”. More info

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