We are makers, creators and artists whose work primarily features natural or synthetic fibers, including textiles, fabrics, paper, reed, yarn, thread, and more. Through Missouri Fiber Artists, we unite as a community that shares a love of fiber. Our work often is intended to evoke meaning that goes beyond the materials.

2018 Statewide Conference–Celebrating 40 Years of Missouri Fiber Artists

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Susan Ferguson–Independence, MO
Kate Howell–Rolla, MO

Tracy Back–Wildwood, MO


Peggy Wyman

Where do you live and where did you grow up? I now live on a cattle ranch in Douglas County between the towns of Mansfield and Ava. I grew up in the potato country of southern Idaho.

Please describe your artwork. Why is this your chosen medium? How long have you been creating? I create abstract sculptures from pine needles, Irish waxed linen and a variety of natural and found objects. I fell into art while doing research on an historical novel about the founding of California. My main character was an Indian basket-weaver and, since I am not Native American and knew nothing of that craft, I took classes in various types of basketry until one grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go – coiled basketry using pine needles. In time doing art pushed aside novel writing and I’ve been a full-time fiber artist for the last 15 years.

How long have you been a member of MoFA? What benefits have you gotten or do you expect, to get from being involved? We moved to Missouri in 2004 and plunged into building our dream home. Once work on that huge project eased up and I could once again focus on making art, I discovered the existence of MoFA at a Best of Missouri Hands conference. That was 8 or 9 years ago.

The new MoFA Website is a major benefit of being in the organization. It is an excellent way for gallery owners, art collectors and festival organization to find in one place the wealth of talent in this organization.

I’ve especially enjoyed the retreats: the informal atmosphere, the workshops, the camaraderie and laughter. Living out here in the boonies can be a lonely proposition for an artist and, since most of the MoFA activities now seem to take place over in the St. Louis area, I don’t get to participate as much as I’d like.

Personal information that you would like to share or any other details you feel are important (family, other hobbies and interests). While my husband Jerry sees to our herd and the ranch, I tend the house, take care of four lively dogs and two cats, maintain five acres of lawn, indulge a passion for roses with an extensive garden, experiment with quilting and read all the sci-fi and mystery novels I can get my hands on.

Recent exhibitions, current projects and where can we see your work? Over the course of my art career, most of my work has been aimed at galleries and/art-collectors. Thus, you can find my sculptures are two long-time galleries: Waverly House in Springfield, MO and EureKan Art in Eureka Springs, AR.

In addition I maintain an active exhibition schedule. Through that, my work is currently showing at the 23rd ANA Regional Exhibition in Fayetteville, AR; Topeka (KS) Competition 33; Center for Contemporary Arts National in Abilene, TX; and the 45th Mid-States Art Exhibition in Evansville, IN. At the latter, the sculpture “Heat Wave” won the Marc Schmitt Merit Award. A few months before that, “Beside Still Waters” received an honorable mention at the St. Louis Artist’s Guild’s “What’s You GPS?”

In 2016, I developed a new line of smaller, more affordable pieces called “One Cubed”. In addition to being featured on my Website, a collection of these sculptures is offered for sale in the Museum Store at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR.



March 23-25, 2018
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