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Counterpoints 2020–A Missouri Fiber Artists 2.0 Pairings Project

Note: Please download and print the PDF. It contains examples and visual instructions. Download

Description of Counterpoints 2020 

This is a creative challenge designed to pair artist members of the Missouri Fiber Artists Association, in order to create joint collaborative works of art for an online exhibit. A related previous collaborative project was completed in 2016, entitled “Pairings”. The catalog is available for viewing on this Blurb website location for more information. This pairings challenge, “Counterpoints 2020”, is designed to facilitate artistic growth and creativity, and to develop fun, collaborative shared interactions among members. 

For this challenge, participating MoFA members will be randomly paired. Each set of partners will choose one of the 7 elements of art to focus on. The elements of art are line, color, shape, form, value, space, or texture. Each partner will emphasize one aspect of their element in their work. For example, if the pair together selects the element of “shape”, then one artist might choose to emphasize geometric shapes in the joint project, while the other may choose to emphasize organic shapes, thereby creating a “counterpoint“ dynamic. 

Each artist begins a 10” x 10” artwork in her choice of media, keeping in mind her element and its characteristics. Each artist will stop about halfway through completion, leaving room for their partner to finish the piece begun, in her own way. The other partner will do the same. The trade follows as each partner will mail each other their projects. Projects will be finished in each artist’s chosen media and style, keeping at the forefront, the utilization of the chosen element. 

When the scheduled time is complete, both artists will mail their completed projects to the Counterpoints 2020 coordinator, who will arrange for the online exhibit. The resulting joint or paired projects are likely to illustrate the concept of “Counterpoints” and become statements about cooperation, creativity, collaboration, and melding of diverse ideas. There will be a brief written statement for each pair, which will include information about the media, chosen element, the title, and comments about the experience and process. 

Counterpoint (verb) Counterpointed, counterpointing, counterpoints 

Definition of counterpoint: Transitive verb 

1.  To set off or emphasize by juxtaposition; set in contrast 2. To compose or arrange in counterpoint 

Example of counterpoint in a sentence: The dressing is a refreshing counterpoint to the spicy chicken 

Step 1
Join the project 

If you wish to commit to participating, please send your contact information to Mary Elmusa, Counterpoint coordinator by July 1, 2020 Email: melmusa@yahoo.com 

Please include your name, email, city, state & telephone number. After, please wait for the group email, which will inform everyone of whom they have been paired with for the project. You will also receive two artist statement forms. You will send the exchange statement when you exchange with your partner, and the final statement when mailing in the completed project. 

Step 2
Contact your partner. Together, pick a single art element and two diverse qualities of that element to use in your work 

Contact your partner by July 31, 2020, to discuss which elements of art you will be working with and which contrasting aspect of that element you each will use. For example, if you both decide to use the element of “line”, one of you could decide to use thin lines, and the other could decide to use the bold or thick line. The use of both diverse qualities in the project will a counterpoint or contrast. See the next slide for additional examples

Choose an Element of Art & two characteristic qualities 

You and your partner together choose one element of art to focus on. Then, each separately will work with diverse or opposing aspects of that one element. 

For example, if you both choose “color” then one of you may want to work with cool colors and the other with warm colors. Or if together, you choose “texture”, then one of you could choose soft textures and the other hard textures. 

Step 3
Add these dates and deadlines to your calendar 

07-01-20 Deadline for participation & contact information return 

07-31-20 Contact your partner 

10-01-20 Mail your half-completed piece and completed “exchange statement” to your partner 

12-01-20 Mail completed piece & “Final Statement” to Counterpoints coordinator. Include an empty mailer with sufficient postage, addressed to your partner. This will allow us to return the piece to the person who began it, after the online exhibit. 

Mail to Coordinator: Mary Elmusa, 2415 West 105th St., Leawood, KS 66206 

Step 4
Obtain your mailing envelopes 

Please order these envelopes from usps.com or from this link: Post office link They will mail a package of ten priority mail 11-5/8 x 15-1/8 Tyvek envelopes to you for free. Or you can pick these up at your post office. This size will fit your 10” x 10” artwork. You will need three: One to mail your piece to your partner to complete, a second one to mail your completed piece back to Mary Elmusa, the Counterpoints coordinator. Last, you will also need a third envelope that you have applied correct postage to & addressed to your partner. You will send this third envelope in when you mail in the completed piece so that we can return the work after the exhibit to the person who began the piece. Tracking and some insurance are included with Priority mail. 

Step 5
Mail your incomplete piece to your partner 

Mail your incomplete piece to your partner by October 1, 2020. Print out & include your completed “Exchange Statement”, that was attached to the confirming email sent to you after you signed up. After you receive your partner’s incomplete piece, go ahead and finish the artwork in the manner you choose, using the element and media you select. (Completed pieces will be mailed to Mary Elmusa, 2415 West 105th St., Leawood, KS 66206 by December 1, 2020.) 

Step 6
Complete the artwork 

Complete the artwork sent to you by your partner. Print out the Final Statement Form that was sent to you in the confirming email when you signed up. (see the example on right) Fill the information out and attach it securely to the back of your work, before you mail to Coordinator. Also, securely attach your name and title of the artwork on the back before mailing. 

Step 7
Mail your completed project to Counterpoints coordinator by December 1, 2020 

Counterpoint Pairing Contact Info 

Coordinator: Mary Elmusa melmusa@yahoo.com 2415 West 105th St., Leawood, KS 66206 

Please check to be sure you have included 1) your artwork with name & title attached on the back, 2) a postage-paid empty envelope addressed to your partner, and 3) your final statement.

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