MoFA Checklist, Presentation to Board to Obtain Sanction for Show/Event

Members who wish to have a show or event, and use MoFA’s name and logo, and have financial, publicity, etc. support from MoFA, should begin with a presentation to the board. Use this checklist to begin the process. Email completed checklist to Exhibitions Co-Chairs, Kacey Cowdery ( and Candy Grisham (  Any questions, also email or call your Exhibitions Co-Chairs.

Your request for sanction will be presented to the Board by Exhibitions. This can be done via email, for quick response.

MoFA would like to maintain continuity in Calls for Art. When sanction has been obtained, Exhibitions will ask you for any addition information and your ideas, to write the Call. You will have final approval.

Graphics will be designed for you. Exhibitions will gather information and your ideas, in order to present to MoFA’s graphic designer. You will have final approval of graphic designs.

Click here to download a PDF with all of the information


MoFA Checklist, Operation of a Show/Event

Valuable information is included in this document. When you have a situation that is not addressed in this checklist, or questions arise, Exhibitions Co-Chairs will help you, call or email to Kacey Cowdery ( or Candy Grisham (

Click here to download a PDF with information on the operation of a show or event.

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