Missouri Fiber Artists (MoFA) Scholarship Application Form


Applicant’s Name_______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________ State: ________Zip:________________

Phone: ________________________________Cell: __________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________

WHAT – For what program, workshop or training are you asking for support?

– Where will this be taking place?

– When do you need these funds? What are the dates of the

– Give a brief explanation of what you need the money for (supplies, travel
costs, registration fees, etc.) You will be asked to provide receipts following the
event. You may add an additional page if you wish.

In return for accepting a scholarship from MoFA, we ask that you choose one of the
following to do within one year of receiving your award.

1. – Give a program or talk at a MoFA event
2. – Write a review of your experience for the newsletter
3. – Give assistance to the organization in some manner (hanging a show, assist
with conference planning, etc.)

Please indicate your thoughts on what you would like to do in the space below.


Complete this form and send to Jennwax@aol.com and barboverby@yahoo.com or use the mailing address below:

Jennifer Wax
3209 Woodvalley Way
Columbia, Missouri 65203

Click link below do download a Word Document.
Missouri Fiber Artists Scholarship Application

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