Missouri Fiber Artists – General Meeting
March 25, 2017
Windermere Conference Center, Roach, MO
7:30 pm

Bonnie Black, Retreat Organizer, welcomed MoFA members to Windermere Conference Center following the lovely banquet prepared by conference center staff members. She thanked retreat workshop leaders and other individuals who had helped with the retreat.

President Katherine Ehlmann introduced and recognized officers and committee chairs in attendance: Acting Secretary, Pat Owoc; Treasurer, Anita Grant; Membership, Laurie Harper; Past President, Carlene Fullerton; Retreat Organizer and SC representative, Bonnie Black; KC representative, Becky Stevens; Newsletter, Carol Zeman; and Exhibitions Co-chair, Kacey Cowdery.

Minutes from the April 17, 2016 general meeting were available in the registration packet. Pat Owoc, who had served as secretary during that meeting, asked that the following paragraph be included in the pre-meeting proceedings: “Judy Cobillas, Conference Chair, thanked individuals who had assumed major tasks in planning for and running the conference: Mandy Pedigo, workshops; Suzanne Koenen and Candy Grisham, vendors and demonstrators; Katherine Ehlmann and Sharon Kilfoyle, fashion show; and Paula McFarling, registration.” The previous list has been incomplete.

Jackie Kiernan-Hale made a motion that the minutes be approved as corrected. Debbie Prost seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Anita Grant, Treasurer, reported MoFA’s assets as being $36,163.78.

Newsletter items for the summer newsletter are due May 15.

Katherine, reporting for Paige Dunk (Interim Publicity, Web Editor, and Social Media Coordinator) asked that suggestions for publicity be sent to publicity@missourifiberartists.org.

Kacey Cowdery, Exhibitions Co-chair, mentioned that the deadline for Speaking of Fibers! 2017 is May 15. On-line entry is through CaFE. She also discussed the workshop with Amanda McCavour, Experimental Surfaces: Machine Stitching and Unexpected Materials, which will be held in conjunction with Speaking of Fibers! 2017.

Katherine announced that Erin King from MU-Columbia will be the new student representative, replacing Billy George.

Katherine reported on efforts to make website images of member work viewable by the public. James Wilson, MoFA’s website professional, will create an option for public access to images of member work. Members showing work will be able to determine the amount of information available about themselves and the work.

MoFA members wishing to advertise workshops and classes can do so on the website.

Regional Representative Reports:

Bonnie Black, South Central region, discussed the Lake Area Fiber Artists, a local fiber group with 68 members, and the guild’s Lake Fiber Arts Festival, October 14, 2017. Informational bookmarks were included in the registration packet. The festival will include demonstrations, sales of fiber materials and finished work, and a quilt show.

Leandra Spangler, reporting for Central/Columbia region, discussed the special exhibit “Rooted, Revived, and Reinvented: Basketry in America” at the University of Missouri-Columbia’s Museum of Art and Archeology. The exhibition, which will run through May 14, includes the scope of basketry from historical through contemporary. Information about a MoFA visit to the exhibit will be available later.

Carlene Fullerton, reporting for Natalie Turner-Jones, St. Louis regional rep, told of activities planned for April 8 at the St. Louis Art Museum, involving the Degas, Impressionism and the Paris Millinery Trade exhibition. Judy Cobillas, docent for the Art Museum and MoFA member, will serve as guide. Activities will also include sketching and lunch.

Melissa Whitwam, Executive Director, Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, MO reported that Quilt National will be at the foundry October 6 through December 1, 2017

Becky Stevens, Greater Kansas City rep, mentioned the Felt Makers Federation of Kansas City’s outdoor exhibition Wool in the Woods at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Garden, 2/11/17 – 3/31/17.

A list of MoFA members who can post on Facebook was provided. Members may send information to an officer or an area representative for posting. Three individuals on the list no longer post information: Mandy Pedigo, Judy Cobillas, and Suzy Farren.

“Save the Date” conference information was provided. The conference, celebrating 40 years of Missouri Fiber Artists, will be held March 23-25, 2018, at the St. Charles Community College, Cottleville, MO (St. Charles County). The fiber exhibition will be of functional fiber and wearables.

Paula McFarling moved we approve the proposed revisions of the MoFA Constitution. Judy Cobillas seconded the motion. Motion carried. Article III. Membership, Section 7 establishes a life time membership for any long term member in good standing who has reached the age of 80. Article IX. Dissolution of Organization provides for the distribution of funds in the event of the dissolution of the Missouri Fiber Artists.

Laurie Harper, Membership, reminded members to update website profiles. Areas of fiber interest can be added to individual profiles. The member list on the website will be available in April. Memberships can be set to automatically renew via PayPal or credit card or a renewal reminder will be sent following expiration of membership with payment by PayPal or credit card.

Additional announcements/items:

MoFA needs volunteers to work on committees, help with conferences, and other tasks.

There are 152 members in MoFA.

Carlene Fullerton, archivist, asked that past records and programs be sent to her. MoFA’s records will be housed with the MU Historical Society.

$359.00 was raised for the Scholarship Fund. Laura Kaiser supervised the silent auction.

Bonnie Black moved that the meeting adjourn, Anita Grant seconded the motion, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Pat Owoc
Acting Secretary


Informal notes – not a part of the minutes of the general meeting – will probably be covered in more depth in a newsletter article —–

An evening highlight was the fashion show organized by Rosemary Claus-Gray and narrated by Mignon Hatton.

Makers and models included Bonnie Ahrens, Anita Grant, Kacey Cowdery, Jackie Krokson, Amy Wagner, Katherine Ehlmann, Melissa Whitwam, Becky Stevens, Bonnie Black, Debbie Prost, Amy Wagner, Karen McDonald, and Judy Santner. Participants most often modeled their own creations, but on occasion wore garments designed or made by others, including Barrie Mason, Laurie Harper, Carol Zeman, and Carter Smith.


Printable PDF: MoFA General Meeting March 25, 2017

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