Missouri Fiber Artists’ (MoFA) purpose is to promote statewide communication among individuals and groups participating in all aspects of fiber arts and to create a vibrant fiber community. Because we are enthusiastic about fiber arts, we hope to involve others as much as possible in our activities. We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions. If we haven’t answered your question here, please contact us at info@missourifiberartists.com.

We are weavers, basket makers, spinners, knitters, quilters, paper makers, surface designers and more! You can see examples of our work in the “Members Gallery”.

Yes. Even Missouri Fiber Artists (MoFA) members who have “mastered” a technique were beginners at one time. An expert at one skill is probably a novice with another material or medium. No matter your experience level, welcome everyone who loves fiber art.

Membership is open to anyone interested in any of the fiber arts. Our membership includes professionals, amateurs, teachers and novices working in many different disciplines, and individuals who love fiber even though they aren’t currently involved in the making of items. Information about joining MoFA is located under “JOIN MoFA!” in the main menu.

Yes. Fiber work in all manifestations is welcome in both informal and formal settings such as exhibitions, workshops, publications, and in informal get-togethers of members. We’re interested in fiber work of any type.

We encourage all who love fiber, weather you reside in the state of Missouri or beyond, to become active members of Missouri Fiber Artists (MoFA). Approximately 10 states are home to MoFA members.

Missouri Fiber Artists meet once a year. There is a conference (with an exhibition, keynote speaker, fashion show, and workshops) in even calendar years. In odd calendar years, we meet for a retreat, which is less formal. The venues for conferences and retreats vary thoughout the state. There may also be meetings organized by your regional representative. Check the event calendar for up-to-date listings.

Membership is yearly on a renewal basis. Members can join at any time of the year and dues are paid at that time. Members may renew their membership online.

Yes. The access to online dues payment is located under “Access/Renew Account”, under the “Join MoFA!” tab in the main menu.

You’ll receive an acknowledgment and a welcome to MoFA from the Membership Chair. You will also receive access to the “Members Only” section of the website, receive the quarterly newsletter and periodic email notifications of activities, and you will be able to upload your artwork in the Artist Gallery. You will be able to show your work in member’s exhibitions and fashion shows and be able to enter juried competitions. You may apply for a scholarship to attend a workshop or conference. The application for scholarships is in the (“Members Only”) section.

After joining MoFA, you will setup a username and password, which gives you access to the (“Members Only”) section.

While some organizations do issue membership cards, MoFA does not. We do, however, prepare a name tag which identifies you by name as a MoFA member. The name tag is magnetic and is not damaging to garments. We encourage you to wear it to MoFA and other events.

Yes. You will have access to a membership directory in the (“Members only”) section of the website. There is an up to date (“Live”) directory and a printable directory which is updated multiple times a year.

No, not at this time. Check the events tab for conference and retreat information and payment specifics.

Yes. Usually, there is a membership exhibition in conjunction with the biennial conference, and an informal exhibition of member work is included in the retreat activities as well, both unjuried. In addition, Speaking of Fibers, a St. Louis based MoFA, juried exhibition, is presented in odd-numbered years. Other recent opportunities have included Pairings, a traveling show, Here and There and 12×12 by MoFA, all unjuried member shows.

Often there are two shows per year, where all members can enter, plus additional regional shows.

Announcements of exhibitions come via the newsletter, the website, Facebook postings, and periodic email notifications. The call for entry will give you the most complete and official information about the exhibition.

More in-depth questions can be answered by emailing, exhibitions@missourifiberartists.org

All events are located under “Events” in the main menu.

You have several options for publicizing activities:

– Via the Publicity Chair: publicity@missourifiberartists.org
– Via the Newsletter: newsletter@missourifiberartists.org
– Via the Web Editor: webeditor@missourifiberartists.org
– Periodic email postings: president@missourifiberartists.org

Submit to your regional rep for Facebook postings. You will find a list of regional reps for your area, under “Leadership” in the main menu.

Yes, you will find instructions here, as well as under “Writing an Artist Statement” in the (Members Only) section.

A: All MoFA sanctioned shows begin with the completion of a form, available by contacting the Exhibitions Coordinator, and by acceptance from MoFA’s Board of Directors.

Yes. There are many ways to gain exposure:

– Fashion shows are usually included at both the conference and the retreat
– Volunteering to teach a workshop or present a program at either event or for a regional meeting.
– Exchanging ideas and techniques at informal gatherings
– Write an article for the newsletter
– Include your work in the “Artists Gallery” on the website

Opportunities are varied, by attending retreats, conferences, or regional meetings, to running for office or serving on the Board in a volunteer position. Check the “Member” tab to further explore ways of becoming involved. Some other examples include writing an article for the newsletter, volunteering to help a committee chair, or becoming a regional representative.

Two good sources exist:

First, ask the person currently holding the position, what tasks are included as part of the job, what skills are needed, and how will it benefit you. For detailed information, each officer and committee chair keeps a notebook of documents and action plans.

Second, you will find a complete list of tasks associated with each position, under “Job Descriptions” in the (“Members Only”) section.

Missouri is divided into eight regions. Additional regions include any members living outside of Missouri. Volunteers within each region assume leadership for that area. Regional representatives promote MoFA and the fiber arts locally, by organizing regional activities, writing news articles for the MoFA newsletter and local newspapers, or by speaking to local organizations about fiber art and MoFA activities. More information can be found under “LEADERSHIP” in the main menu.

Items include MoFA’s Constitution, the By-Laws, an up-to-date membership directory, complete copies of the newsletter, and the application for scholarships. Other items may be added as the need arises.

Yes, Missouri Fiber Artists is active on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

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