Speaking of Fibers! 2017    An Altered Environment

Maryville University, Morton J May Gallery

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Speaking of Fibers! 2017 is a Missouri Fiber Artists (MoFA) members’ biennial; juried exhibit, exploring fiber forms and materials. Our 2017 exhibit theme is “An Altered Environment”.

All works for this show must be connected to the theme “An Altered Environment”.

To encourage the Voice of Fiber Arts, we are seeking work that demonstrates a connection to the natural environmental of our planet. Artists’ statements (max 75 words for each artwork) are to be submitted, in order to add to the juror’s understanding of your artwork. An Artist’s Statement is a narrative about your work.

Juror: Amanda McCavour will be our juror, and our speaker at the opening. She is a dynamic young fiber artist from Toronto, Canada. McCavour holds a BFA from York University, and a MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. Among other works, her piece “Neon Clouds” relates to our theme. A single green thread is nearly invisible, as it supports an airy finial. Many threads and many finials create a cloud, or is it smog? Website: amandamccavour.com.

Exhibition Timeline

Entry Deadline:                                 May 25, 2017

Notifications Emailed                      July 1, 2017

Delivery of accepted works          October 24 & 25, 2017 (to Kacey Cowdery)

Exhibit Dates                                      November 9 thru December 15, 2017

Reception                           November 9, 5:00-7:00 PM

Juror Talk                             6:00 PM

Pick up at Maryville                         December 16, 2017, Saturday Morning 10:00 – 12:00

Return Shipping: Within three business days, items will be delivered to shippers.

Items may be shipped via FedEx, UPS or USPS to:

Kacey Cowdery, 623 Westborough Place, Webster Groves, MO 63119

Call or email to arrange hand delivery to Kacey Cowdery: 314-968-5041, kaceycowdery@swbell.net

Maryville University, Morton J May Gallery, 650 Maryville Drive, St Louis, MO 63141.

Enter the café to get into the library. Access to the gallery is through the library.

Eligibility: Open only to current MoFA members. To join MoFA, submit on-line at www.missourifiberartists.org. Follow the application on the website as instructed.
Restrictions: All pieces must be artists’ original concept. No ceiling hung work, no perishable organic material. Components must fit through a standard door.
Entry Fee: An entry fee of work by an individual (up to 3 pieces) is $25.
An entry fee for collaborative work (up to 3 pieces) is a separate $25.

Entry Specifications: Primarily fiber artworks, 2D & 3D forms. Artists may submit one, two or three artworks.  Include artist statements for each piece. Collaborative works will be accepted.

Submissions must comply with rules in order to be presented to the juror.
Awards: Best of Show, plus additional categories of recognition, will be awarded at the reception.
Publicity: Missouri Fiber Artists and Maryville University reserve the right to photograph the gallery, and use your submitted photographs, for reproduction in color or black and white, of all artworks submitted to Speaking of Fibers! 2017, for educational and publicity purposes, regardless of copyright.
Sales, Liability, and Insurance: All entries must include a sale price or Not For Sale. The insurance value under Maryville’s insurance is 50% of the sale price. All entries must include an insurance value. When pieces are Not For Sale, artist must state an insurance value.

Artworks are to be insured by the artist until they reach the gallery. No other insurance will apply from the time it leaves the artist’s hands, until it reaches the gallery. All reasonable care will be taken with your works. MoFA, or MoFA members cannot be held responsible for theft or damage.

Sales will be directly with the artist. Artworks are to remain in the show until December 16, 2017.

Maryville does not charge a commission on sales.

Delivery: Accepted works are to be shipped or hand delivered in sturdy boxes to:

Kacey Cowdery, 623 Westborough Place, Webster Groves, MO 63119,

Call or email Kacey to schedule hand delivery, 314-968-5041, kaceycowdery@swbell.net.

Please do not use Styro Popcorn for packing. Keep your boxes as small as possible. Attach your name and title to the back of each accepted piece. Work must be shipped at the artist’s expense to Kacey Cowdery. Artists who wish to have their work shipped back to them, must include prepaid shipping labels, stamps or cash for return shipping. Shipped artwork submitted without pre-paid return shipping, will not be shipped without prior compensation.

Accepted works must remain for the duration of the exhibit, November 9 thru December 16, 2017.

Pick up at the end of the show: ALL work is to be picked up December 16, 2017, Saturday 10:00 – 12:00 at Maryville University’s, Morton J May Gallery, 650 Maryville Drive, St Louis, MO 63141.

Or, arrangements should be made before the pick-up date, by artists who cannot pick-up on December 16, 2016, between 10:00 – 12:00. Inform the Exhibitions Committee, if someone will pick up for you.

Artist Statement: Your Artist Statement (max 75 words for each artwork) is to be written about your thought process, a narrative, not a description of your work. What do you wish to transmit to your viewer, what is your work saying to your viewer? What was your inspiration? Did you change your thoughts about your subject as you worked on this piece?

All works for this show must be connected to the theme, “An Altered Environment”. Relate your works to the natural environment of our planet.

MoFA strives to present challenges to our members. Artists add importance to their artwork by using a theme. Our theme is an opportunity to study a subject that is supremely important to everyone, allowing you to make visual artistic statements about the health of our planet. Our planet’s environment affects each and every inhabitant of our earth.

Are you buying LED light bulbs now that prices are coming down? Recycling, is it useful? Trash dumps on fire, invasive species, habitat loss, loss of our trees, planting trees, talking and not doing, what inspires you? Transform your inspiration into fiber art for this thought provoking theme.

You may depict realistic images of situations, or you may show no environment forms. When you show no environmental image, your statement, or narrative, becomes the connection to our theme, “An Altered Environment”.

Consider using complexity of methods in your works. Embellish with non-fiber elements. Paper is considered fiber, and might be combined with textiles. Fiber methods, such as crocheted wire are considered fiber art. Invent new methods for yourself and be challenged by your materials.

You are encouraged to stretch yourselves, by producing larger works. Collaborations are a method to make bigger artwork.

However, any suggestion here, is not to preclude the tiny jewel, a basket or micro embroidery.

Collaborative Works: Collaborations are to be entered separately from an individual’s entry. One, two or three artworks may be entered by two or more collaborators.

Entries will be taken on CaFE′  

Go to:  https://www.callforentry.org

Create an account with your user name and password.

Search for Speaking of Fibers, 2017! and enter your work.

They have an excellent help section if you have any troubles or contact the Exhibition committee members.

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