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I am a Surface Design, Fiber and Mixed Media Artist living in St. Charles County Missouri. My initial work with fabric began in eighth grade where I started sewing as a creative endeavor. I am mostly self taught and have no actual degree in Art. My art education was acquired by taking painting and design classes at several local Community Colleges, and various hands on workshops. I am a member of Missouri Fiber Artists, Surface Design Association, St. Charles County Arts Council, and a Juried member of Best of Missouri Hands.

rhonda schrum secretary


I am a retired art teacher who currently teaches art classes to adults through St. Charles Community College, Project LEADD and several galleries. I am on the board of the St. Charles County Arts Council where I frequently exhibit stitching, surface design and crochet works at their Lillian Yahn Gallery.


I have always been drawn to fibers since taking sewing in 4-H and then teaching myself to knit at age 12. I realized at a later stage in my life that I wanted to work with fibers in a more artistic way. I accomplished this by receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts and focusing on different fiber media and techniques.

anita grant


I have been a weaver for over 30 years. I currently have four floor looms and many Inkle looms and I like to dabble in a variety of fiber techniques, but weaving is my favorite. In addition to MoFA, I am a member of Springfield Fiber Artists and the St. Louis Weaver’s Guild.


I am a St. Louis-based fiber artist whose initial forays into the world of fiber arts began years ago with knitting and now also include, felting, sculptural paper, eco-dyeing, basketry, creative bookbinding, traditional rug hooking, and beadwork. Widely traveled internationally, many of my works are inspired by what I have seen and experienced while “on the road.” I am also a member of the Weavers Guild of St. Louis.


I earned a BFA from Maryville University, with a major in Interior Design.  Working with architects, I produced interior architectural design, furniture and carpet designs and color schemes. Grids from architecture have crossed over into my fiber art. I have helped to arrange state-wide exhibitions, by taking on the position of co-coordinator of Exhibitions for Missouri Fiber Artists. Currently, I am developing a computer presentation for MoFA.


I have been quilting since high school and am self taught. I work with all types of quilting: hand piecing, machine piecing, appliqué and I now do longarm quilting for myself and others. I am currently experimenting with art quilts and fiber manipulation, and basically love anything to do with fabric. my passion is sharing fun and new techniques and aspects of quilting with others and have taught quilting classes for local and state quilds networks and shops in the St. Louis area. In addition I have shown quilts in Paducah and Houston shows along with local and state quilt shows. I lives in Washington, Missouri with my husband, and love to hike, garden, read and travel.


I am a retired graphic Designer/Art Director who had just been waiting to go back to fine art. Fiber art, papermaking, non-traditional baskets and sculptural forms are what I love, with a little photography and digital art on the side.  I reside in Osage Beach at Lake of the Ozarks.


As a self-taught textile artist, my process went in many directions before I felt it really became my own. I began making quilts in 1990 in the most traditional way possible at the encouragement of a friend, and fell in love with the process, needle and thread moving through cloth… and then all of the design possibilities. My quilts are storytelling vehicles, tactile statements that combine elements of photography, fiber, paint, pencil and layers of color suggesting a voice, a story… and inviting viewers to stop and involve themselves.

My work, lately, is reflective of the women in my family, of commonality. It involves looking for the common thread that runs through all who have come before me. Largely using an image transfer technique, and acrylic paints and glazes, I collage the pieces of my history to capture moments of time on whole cloth.

My quilts have appeared in several textile art shows and have been published in Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project, edited by Karey Bresenhan. I reside in Hermann Missouri, the heart of Missouri wine country.

mary ehlmann


Coming from a broad artistic background, I have painted and drawn my whole life, and have dabbled in air-brushing, papermaking, cross-stitch and ceramics. Painting seems to be my medium of choice these days. I graduated from Webster University with a BA in graphic design and fine art, and am currently employed with a career in marketing. In my spare time, I get my camera out and shoot away, bringing my next inspiration to the forefront.


I am a founding member of MoFA. Although my work over the years has been mainly as a weaver, I have always been interested in all the fiber arts. My weaving career began in 1952 at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. In 1955, I apprenticed with Leah Allen, a weaver and teacher in Portland, OR. Since then, I have taught small children how to use a loom, taught at conferences and workshops, given workshops at various guilds and groups in the Mid West and have been a member of the Columbia Spinners and Weaver’s Guild in Columbia.



I enjoy art quilting, book and basket making and am a retired art teacher who loves spending time in my studio.



I am a retired art teacher and museum educator and now a full-time artist except when traveling or volunteering. I have been a MoFA member since 1979, and have served on the MoFA Board in many capacities during those years. In my work, I continues to explore the human condition through figurative and landscape themes.



As a St. Louis-based teacher and artist working in theatre, fibers, ceramics, and mixed media, my approach to my work is through mindfulness-based practices, which facilitates a playful, spacious, and compassionate process and environment. My formal education and training is in classical acting, movement, and Buddhist practice. After practicing meditation for a few years, my creative work began to expand in scope to include quilting, embroidery, surface design, brush work, wet and needle felting, weaving, clothing design, and jewelry making – all of which are self-taught. I have been taking pottery classes at Krueger Pottery since January 2015.

becky stevens


As a a lifelong fiber artist from a multi-generational line of fiber artists, my mother recognized my affinity for all things fiber and made sure I had ample supplies growing up. While getting my BFA, I managed to get fiber work in every medium. After college, I moved outside of Kansas City and got a couple of sheep and a goat. My art moved heavily into working with wool, mostly weaving and felt, and like to combine stitch with both.

bonnie black


I am a retired art education professor who moved back to Missouri and lives in the house my family moved into when I was 10 years old. While i started out as a weaver in college, my fiber art today branches into several different areas, including felting, bookmaking, basketry and beading.

suzanne thompson


I am a fiber collagist and iconographer who asks a lot of questions, and so does my artwork. My work, is presented with simple images, vibrant with color, that are made with fabric, wood, rope, metal, and whatever I feel is “right.” After graduation from Berea College with a foundation in traditional art, I moved on to Florida State University to study sculpture.

sharon eley


After graduating from Michigan State University, Newport News University and Rio Grand University, I became an educator, spanning 40 years, and recently an experimental artist upon retiring. My painting mediums include watercolor, fluid acrylics and a variety of polymer mediums, and my forms include mixed media, digital prints, collage, fiber, handmade books, eco dyeing and quilts. The themes I choose often evolve around organic shapes and nature. Some of my work can be found in The New Creative Collage Techniques by Nita Leland, There’s No Place Like Home, published by the Society of Layerists in Mixed Media through Blurb and in Susan St. Johns A Walk Into Abstracts: How Did They Do That? You can find work composed of both black and white photos and poetry in a published book entitled God Around Us. I continue to explore and experiment in surface design on paper and cloth discovering a variety of mixed media and collage techniques. My work can be found at the Pumphouse Art Gallery and Picture This Art Gallery in Chillicothe, Ohio. I am a member of the Missouri Fiber Artists, International Society of Experimental Artists, Society of Layerists in Mixed Media, National Watercolor Society, Ohio Watercolor Society and the Chillicothe Art League.

anita grant


I have been a weaver for over 30 years. I currently have four floor looms and many Inkle looms and I like to dabble in a variety of fiber techniques, but weaving is my favorite. In addition to MoFA, I am a member of Springfield Fiber Artists and the St. Louis Weaver’s Guild.

marty corcoran


I have been fascinated by fiber arts since 1974, enjoying weaving, dyeing, spinning, and learning new techniques.

pam gainor


While I have been garment sewing since the seventh grade, I enjoy all things fiber related from dyeing, rusting, quilting to knitting. I also learned encaustic, watercolor and oil painting and really like the idea of combining these with fibers.

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